Generation Z loves to travel. In a recent study conducted by travel media site, Skift, research found that Generation Z travels 29 days each year. Furthermore, the study found that Gen Zers are heavily influenced by social media during the trip inspiration and planning phases, with almost 90 percent attributing their decisions to social media’s influence. Social media, in particular, has allowed the travel industry to expand in new and exciting ways. When asked where we get our travel inspiration from, here’s what we had to say:


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All my travel inspiration comes from Instagram and so the easiest way for a brand to grab my attention would be through an Instagram campaign that involves photographers shooting at the coolest hotels. That being said, my friends and I can never afford to stay in a hotel when we travel. Usually, the bulk of the trip costs are spent on flights to get us to the coolest destinations and then we will either camp or AirBNB private rooms to get the most out of our money.

Personally, I find hotels too expensive for my needs. If I am traveling, the goal is to spend as little time in the room I am staying in as possible and I almost exclusively use them to shower and sleep. Although thinking back to one of my last trips to Italy I did splurge for a few nights at a hotel because they had a complimentary breakfast buffet and that helped me save on food for the rest of the day.

- Fritz

I actually get a lot of travel inspiration from Instagram. The first thing I'll usually check when traveling somewhere new is location-tagged photos in the city I'm going to. Social networking/dating apps can be great (with caution!) when traveling alone as well. I spent some time alone in Copenhagen and met locals this way, whom I still stay in touch with. I've found connecting with locals to be super valuable in maximizing my time and experience wherever I go. Less formally, I will do this by shopping at cool thrift shops in new cities and asking the employees for recommendations on where to eat nearby or what I should do during my visit. I'm not one to plan everything out, though I do usually have at least a particular museum or view I prioritize visiting.

When choosing a place to stay, it's most important for me to consider the convenience of travel from my primary form of transportation to the accommodations; how long is the Uber/train/walk from the airport/train station to where I'm staying? I'm willing to get a public transportation pass for the duration of my stay, but usually, like to get to my accommodation rather easily after a long day of travel. Oftentimes, I choose restaurants based on the size of their menu and its price points; I'm vegetarian and many of my friends have specific dietary needs/preferences as well so these are important considerations for us.

- Claire

Claire in Italy

Claire in Italy

Taylor in Mexico

Taylor in Mexico

I love travel. It’s something I think about often and something I can’t escape in media. Whether I’m listening to a podcast, scrolling on social or catching up with a friend, travel is always a prominent topic. A common source of travel inspiration for me is (no surprise), Instagram. I follow many accounts, both influencers, and friends on Instagram who explore places around the world. As a result, I’m constantly exposed to a plethora of visually striking images documenting their trips. Oftentimes, these scrolling-stopping posts inspire me to actively plan travel excursions. This has motivated me to begin a travel fund, follow more travel bloggers and have actionable conversations with friends about planning trips.

As a generation, I believe we place a lot of value on experiences. Contrary to popular habit, I typically prefer all-inclusive resorts. I like hotels that provide activities as well as meals. In terms of marketing to Gen Zers, I think this looks a lot like influencer partnerships, travel guides, trip tips, and a list of Instagrammable activities. Gen Zers are a rich demographic to tap for the travel industry and I’m curious to see how marketing strategies targeting us develop over the next several years.