What’s the hottest video game right now? Why?



I think this is really subjective depending on what console you prefer to play on. Overall though, Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of momentum that will definitely carry through the rest of the year.


Fortnite is the hottest thing out right now. I’ve never played it but have definitely heard about it. Its celebrity draw has gotten Fortnite in various articles and caught the attention of many marketers and brands. I personally will always go for the classic Super Nintendo over any new video game - but that’s just me.

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I think Fortnite, but I've never played it and really am not a video game person!

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In my mind, the hottest video game is still Fortnite. While the game's buzz seems to have died down a bit, it's still such a fun game for me to play. A bunch of my friends have recently been talking about how good Red Dead Redemption 2 (a new Western adventure game) is. 


I am not a big gamer by any means but I am going to take an educated guess and say that its between Red Dead Redemption because I have been seeing a lot of ads (billboards and paid social) for it. Fornite is also a popular game. The NFL just recently did a partnership with them. - Adaobi (Digital Marketing Apprentice)