What's one word or phrase you think the older generation wouldn't understand? Define and explain it.



My parents don’t really misuse (or even use at all) any phrases or words I might hear from my friends. However, they really struggle with the concept of the selfie and their attempts never fail to amuse me!

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"Has me R" - this might be a really local thing but all of my friends and all of their friends say this.  It's had some crazy evolutions as to the meaning.  It's essentially an abbreviation of "has me rolling" which I am sure stemmed from ROFL. It used to be a serious saying but now it's mostly used ironically and when we are texting you'll just text 'r'.  


I think a phrase some older generations don't understand is deadass (am I allowed to say that? lol) it's a reassurance on an opinion or statement. 


Shocked or surprised. In disbelief of what you have seen, heard or experienced. Present tense of shooketh. 
“When Drake found out he was a father, he was shook.”
“Have you heard the news? When I found out I was shooketh!” 


Finstagram. My younger sister and her friends are obsessed with their finstas, and I don’t even fully understand this phenomenon. Essentially it’s a person’s “fake” Instagram account that they use only with their close friends to share all the funny bloopers happening in their life without having to worry about their likes or their “aesthetic.” 

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One word or phrase the older generation might not understand is "finsta". A finsta is short for fake Instagram but it's really the opposite of fake. Finstas are second Instagram accounts for people to post "the real them" and not be concerned about amount of likes and followers. 

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One phrase that I’ve been hearing a lot on Snapchat and Instagram is saying that someone looks like a “snack.” Essentially, when someone looks good or attractive they can now be referred to as a “snack.” 

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I tend to speak as if I were born in the 1940s, so I'm unfortunately not the right person to ask for the slang of the moment. 

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What's one word or phrase you think the older generation wouldn't understand? Define and explain it.
I’ve had to explain my use of “pressed” to my mom at least twelve times. I wrote a definition below so you guys don’t have to repeatedly ask your daughters.
Pressed adj.
To be over-obsessing over something to an unnecessary extent or in a way that becomes annoying.
Ex. “Dude, you’re pressed about leaving on time but we still have three hours.”

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Extra.  I hear this word a lot and have started using it within the last year. I’ve had older individuals ask me what it means and it is used to describe a person or action that is over the top. 

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One word or phrase that the older generation wouldn’t understand: “FOMO” Fear of Missing Out. After explaining this to my parents, they even try to use it themselves!