What makes Gen-Z most different from Gen-X and Millennials -- a mindset, attitude or behavior?



I think Generation Z has an attitude that differs somewhat from the previous generations. It’s fair to say that each generation has been shaped by various world events that influenced their perspective and my generation is no different. In conjunction with the rise of technology, you have things such as 9/11, the stock market crisis, the two most recent men presidents, etc. These events have shaped our attitude when it comes to public policy, economics, politics and more. 

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I recall growing up hearing that Millennials weren't prepared to join the workforce, the reasoning for which being that they were entitled. While I don't entirely agree that Millennials are by-and-large an entitled group, I think the difference lies in that Millennials were introduced to technology as something that could do work for them, whereas Gen Z has grown up utilizing technology as a tool and knowing how to manipulate it, rather than being in the gray space that Millennials were in. I think this just has to do with a societal learning curve in integrating technology into everyday life. 

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I would say the mindset that we can start or build our own businesses seems to be pretty inherent with Gen Z. All the tools are at our disposal. 


I believe that what makes Gen Z so unique from Gen X-ers and Millennials is our sense of identity and how increasingly unique and niche it is becoming. Because the digital world is second-nature, we’ve had the chance to be informed by so many diverse narratives, cultures, and faces, therefore leading us to craft our own unique identity and interests. We have had a strong sense of self from a very early age identifying as queer, or gender-neutral, or Latinx and it is because we have been exposed to so much globally. 

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I think that Gen-Z expects more from brands when it comes to releasing new digital and social content and most importantly Gen-Z also cares about receiving optimal and personalized customer service.