What does wellness mean to you and how do you prioritize it?



Wellness has become a highly discussed topic over the past year. Furthermore, it has been blown out into a highly monetizable industry where “Self Care” is at the tip of every trending brands’ tongue. However, I’d argue that wellness practices are less about the purchasable products and experiences and more about the way in which one operates, ensuring that time is set aside to perform mental and physical maintenance. I practice wellness by ensuring I meditate daily using the Headspace app. Though this app has a paid component, anyone with a smartphone can access their basic meditations for free. In addition to meditation, I have curated my Instagram feed to follow more accounts that produce helpful and positive content such as @r29unbothered, @thefabstory, and @journey_to_wellness_. These methods have been an easy and helpful entry point for me into the wellness space as I further work to set aside time for myself. - Taylor

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Wellness is something I've started to appreciate and begin practicing more in the last year or two. The way I think of wellness is that it's simply taking care of your mind and body. Whether it's exercising, meditating using Headspace or even moisturizing my skin, wellness has taken a larger importance in my life. - Yale


Wellness to me means unplugging. My work and my personal life requires me to stay connected digitally at all times and sometimes it’s hard to find a balance if I’m not intentional about it. Intaking hundreds of pieces of information about pop culture to global news is mentally exhausting and I don’t think our brains were meant to ingest this much at such rapid speeds 24/7. So in order to combat that, I practice social media fasts regularly even if it means just for a few hours of not looking at my phone. To me, mental health is the control center of the rest of the body. If your mind can replenish itself with “stillness” regularly, then your physical health (heart, skin, etc) will also benefit. - Adaobi

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To me, wellness encompasses everything I need to do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Within wellness, I would include self-care, exercise, diet and sleep. I prioritize wellness by finding time each day to do something for myself whether that is exercising, meditation or sleeping for an extra hour. - Christine


Growth or movement is where I find my wellness. It means I am improving. It could be physically, mentally, professionally, or any area of life. Sitting still drives me crazy. My mind is always moving so I like to move with it. In a way, it is a constant priority since it touches so many areas of my life, but there are definitely times I focus on one more than others. This can have positive and negative results, so I push myself to find a balance. -Spencer


In my opinion, wellness is making sure my physical and mental health needs are being met so that I can feel recharged and ready to take on the day. I practice self-care by eating balanced meals, taking time to reflect on my day, and relaxing by watching a show, reading a book, listening to music, or taking a warm bath. Wellness is a priority for me and I make time to recharge because without these practices I won’t be functioning at my best. - Cheyenne


Maintaining a sense of personal wellness is a pretty difficult task as a college student, however, I strive to set aside at least 30 minutes a day for myself. Practicing self-care can be manifested through something as small as a face mask or taking a nap between classes, but regardless of what I choose to do, maintaining a positive headspace throughout my hectic schedule is my definition of staying healthy and practicing wellness. - AJ

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Wellness is something I’ve learned to prioritize in recent years. To me, it means doing good for yourself, holistically. As life speeds by us, it’s easy to forget to make time for yourself. Working out, giving time and attention to my skincare routine, spending time outdoors, etc. are all examples of how I work wellness into my life in small ways. -Claire


Wellness to me means making sure I am cognizant of and prioritizing my mental and physical health throughout the week. Day-to-day life can become hectic and especially in your 20’s, wellness can easily fall by the wayside. So whether it’s meditating, exercising, cooking, etc. I try to make sure I listen to what my body needs and spend my free time on activities that will have a positive impact on my life. In order to do this effectively, it means I must monitor how each activity, such as social media usage, affects my mental and/or physical health. It also helps to create routines that encourage or can easily accommodate the active practice of wellness. -Ananda “Andy” Karp