What are your top 3 favorite social media accounts to follow?


  1. @girlsnightinclub

  2. @the.wing

  3. @youngjerks


My favorite social media accounts to follow are:

1. @theshaderoom - This is more than a mere celebrity gossip account. It has the latest on everything going on in world. It shares breaking news, popular memes, inspiring stories, interesting events, AND celebrity gossip (which is factual 99% of the time.)

2. @bossbabe.inc - This is one of the dozen of accounts I recently began following. Working in the digital space, it’s impossible to be off of social completely. However, once I began following motivational and wellness-based accounts, I found my daily scroll to be a bit more enjoyable.

3. @michelleobama - Because she’s amazing…

Claire de Young.jpg

On instagram, @digitalavantgarde, @the.pinklemonade (both art accounts), and @1granary which is a fashion school community publication. 

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I love the account The Daily Obsessions. Every day, a man in Tokyo posts his outfits + shoes. He has a fantastic eye for vintage men's fashion. Beyond the style inspo, what I enjoy about the account is that he doesn't make the account about himself, but rather focuses on the fashion. Another great account is New York Nico. It's run by a guy named Nicholas Heller, and he showcases the interesting people of NYC. He has such a good eye for unique characters. Lastly, Daniel Arnold is one of my favorites. He's an NYC street photographer, who shoots candidly. He inspired me to get into street photography as well!

  1. I follow a fashion blogger on YouTube called Wearilive.

  2. Kastor and Pollux on Instagram. They are a female-driven creative agency based in Canada. 

  3. Lisa Says Gah, an ethical fashion brand on Instagram.