What are 3 ways you’d generally relax and how frequently do you do each?



For me, downtime is true "me time" that I generally do alone. My favorite relaxation activities are 1) Self-care, for example; doing facemasks, drinking tea, painting my nails, etc. 2) Reading a new book 3) Watching a movie or a tv show. I usually try to end each day doing at least one of these three things. It's very calming and it's nice to end the day on a positive note. 


Downtime for me equates to self care. Those small moments where I get to relax and connect with friends and family are especially important. I would describe these moments as 1. Going out to eat at new places (brunch is an extra special treat) 2. Catching up on my favorite shows (currently watching AHS, Empire, Riverdale and Are You The One) 3. Listening to podcasts. I do these pretty often, especially #2 and #3. # 1 is something I’ll do weekly or biweekly.

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Netflix/HBO/Hulu, walking or biking, or cooking a good meal. I stream an episode of a show (my favorites are Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, This Is Us, and Insecure) about 4 times/week. I walk every day, but get to go for a good bike ride once every couple weeks. And while I still make meals at home most days, I have time to actually cook something nice about once a week. 

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  1. I love to play Fortnite on my PlayStation. Such an addicting and fun video game!

  2. Playing tennis whenever possible. 

  3. Going for a stroll around NYC with my film camera in hand, keeping an eye out for anything interesting/out of the ordinary!