There's a lot of conflicting responses when it comes to email as a communications channel. Do you check it often? If so, how often? What makes you open an email and what makes you trash/spam it?


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I get my email as push notifications on my phone so I am pretty aware of what email messages I get, but unless it is something work related or tracking for a package there is a very slim chance I'm opening it. 

It's a pretty well-known fact amongst the people I am close to that I am hard to reach when it comes to email and text, but if I get 2-3 emails with the same subject line or if it says "Urgent" that will usually get my attention.

As far as trashing and spamming my emails go, I'd hazard a guess that I delete about 90% of what comes through if I get around to reading it.


For my personal email I tend to trash/spam a lot of emails that come in because they're generally just ads or marketing emails. There is some minor correspondence with family or friends (mostly on G-Chat) but other than that I tend to disregard most emails in my inbox. However, I check my work email very frequently.


I have the Gmail app and receive notifications with message previews. If the email pertains to a sale I’m not interested in I tend to clear it from my notifications and never revisit it again. If the email pertains to a sale I am interested in or simply a company I shop with frequently, I don’t even think about discarding it. Overall I’d say I’m pretty vulnerable to email marketing and a certified email hoarder. Additionally, if it is a work email I’m quick to click on the email notification and check those within the hour. I find it a lot easier to check emails on my phone than on my laptop. Also, the suggested responses Gmail gives users come in handy!

That daunting red notification dot on my Gmail app drives me just a little crazy. So I definitely check my email often! If it's an important looking email I'll check it right away and if it seems like spam I'll check it eventually. If an email is personally addressed to me I usually am more inclined to think it's not spam. Any time I see a percentage in the subject I let the email just sit there because I know it's trying to sell me something.

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I personally check my emails in the morning and throughout the day periodically. I have separate emails for certain situations. When I purchase something online, I use a specific email so my school email and personal email don’t get cluttered. My school email is mainly for communicating with professors and to inquire about potential job opportunities and my personal email is used to keep in touch with my family and friends. I check these two emails frequently however; the email I use for purchases and subscriptions I rarely check because it is mostly spam. 

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I check my e-mail all the time because I have the Gmail app that notifies me of new e-mails via push-notifications. I open e-mails if they pertain to work or personal and almost immediately trash them if senders are advertising to me in a subject line. I'll report an e-mail as spam if it's a phishing scam pretending to be my bank or a company I've made a purchase with that has my credit card information.

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 I am constantly checking my work email, but I'm sure that's a given! However, since I have started work - I have not been checking my personal email as frequently. I do check it every morning to check the Skimm/newsletters/any promos or deals going on at the moment. Many of the emails that end up in my spam/trash folder are from brands or stores that I don't necessarily love!