How do you acquire funds and do your parents still contribute to those funds? Where does your disposable income go?



I have a job. I don't ask my parents for money, nor do I receive any sort of "allowance". My mom is nice enough to pay my cellphone bill though


I have a job and can’t remember the last time I’ve asked for money from my parents. I had two jobs throughout the majority of college and had a job in high school as well. I think most young adults I know who are considered Generation Z would have a similar response.

I save a good portion of my money and use the rest to pay bills. My disposable income goes towards eating out and sporadic shopping.

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As a college student, most of my disposable income comes from working and goes towards things like food (I don't pack a lunch as often as I should), or sometimes clothing or household items. Most recently, I bought a small desk from a furniture thrift store in Brooklyn. 

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Interning at D1A throughout almost half of my college career has been hugely supportive! It has allowed me to explore the world, with trips to Spain and Italy.


I am completely self-sufficient and I haven’t asked my parents for money in years. My disposable income mainly goes towards fashion because I blog and am building an online store on an app called Depop.  Other than that, my money goes towards eating out and a few staycations during the year.