Do you keep up with social media moments such as twitter beefs, popular sayings, viral videos or ongoing memes? If so what is the last memorable thing you saw and if not why don't you?



I’m definitely on top of my viral videos and memes. The most memorable thing I’ve seen recently was John Mayer’s new music video for the song “New Light”. So pure and wholesome.

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I am constantly browsing the internet, consuming as much pop-culture as my brain will allow. The best thing I have seen recently was the diss track Pusha T put out against Drake. It was legendary and I believe I saw that either on twitter or IG when it dropped.  


I generally try to keep up with Twitter trends in terms of new sayings and beefs because I find it, for the most part, entertaining. The last thing I remember (and it's kind of a constant thing) is Azealia Banks' beef with Cardi B. Azealia always says something that is crass to say the least but I find her underlying messages important to an overall narrative on race, etc.


I definitely try to keep up with as much as possible but recently there’s been so many beefs I couldn’t keep track of them all. The one beef that seemed to completely take over every social media feed I have was the Drake and Pusha T beef. I actually tried to avoid going down the rabbit hole but eventually ended up pulling up a YouTube video that broke down the origins of the beef. 


I love memes! Sadly, memes have probably become one of the main modes of communication between my friends and I throughout the day, but it’s a fun way to connect with friends, remember shared experiences and let people know you’re thinking of them. As I was writing this post, my friend sent me this meme (I have the WORST singing voice of all time!).

I do keep up with social media moments but i don't actively seek it. If something or someone goes viral I'll probably end up seeing it on Instagram or being sent a link about it from a friend. The most recent beef/viral moment I saw was between Pusha T and Drake last week.

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I definitely keep up with social media moments. I follow a lot of funny meme accounts on Instagram because they break up my feed nicely. I mainly follow fashion bloggers, fitness gurus, celebrities and friends. So, funny meme instagrams give me a bit of comic relief throughout the day. One memorable thing I saw was an Instagram that went viral of a voice saying either "Laurel" or "Yanny" and everyone fought over what the voice actually said.

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There's so many social media moments, beefs, arguments and happenings going on at once - it often becomes very hard to follow everything. I love curation of my social media moments, and my go-to curators are Desus & Mero, hosts of a late night talk show on Viceland. Desus & Mero unpack the most trending social media moments, usually involving rappers and celebrities and they provide a humorous approach. They recently chimed in on the Drake vs. Pusha T beef, which I found to be hilarious. 

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It’s not like I seek out these social media moments, but, inevitably, I will usually come across them. The most recent twitter beef I followed was a whole steak; Drake and Pusha T had some issues tracking back pretty far. Vox broke it all down for us here.

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Absolutely. The last memorable thing I saw was videos mocking Lil Tay’s video crying about being exposed as fake. I saw a stream of posts by users editing their reactions into her video making fun of her after it was discovered the wealth the nine-year-old flaunted on social media was all fabricated. 

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I try my best to keep up with social media moments, such as twitter beefs, popular sayings, viral videos or ongoing memes. I think one of my favorite recent viral videos was Mason Ramsey singing Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues” in Walmart- it never gets old.