What's Cool?



Everything and nothing. 

Coolness is constantly changing and unique to each individual. It doesn't make sense to invest time or money in what's "cool" to the majority. If you think it's cool then it is.

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Kith.com - I was in there this weekend and it seemed to be the hang out for young kids. They've got the hypest clothes, great shoes and even ice cream. It's also a place where you can spot celebrities every now and again.


I think "cool" is defined by the individual. When you're reading fashion or lifestyle sites there are often experts on what's trending and what's cool but I think figuring that out for yourself, whether it's trendy or not, is also cool


There are plenty of trendy songs, clothes and terms that I could reference. However, if these new trends do not align with the brands using them, there is no point. Gen Zers are very good at sniffing out fraudulence. To be honest we’ve made a sport of it, oftentimes taking to Twitter to call out inauthentic brands.

Brand authenticity is by far the coolest thing that Gen Zers recognize. I know it’s not the ideal answer but it’s true. Authenticity is the one thing that won’t be hard for brands to pull off because staying true to their core values should already be worked into their business model.