How often do you and your buds go to clothing stores together? (Or do you do most of your shopping online?)



Often! I grew up going to the mall, it is still one of my favorite activities. I remember turning like 13 and “going to the mall with your friends” being a huge right of passage. I still go to the mall with people I was friends with back then. It’s sad that a lot of retail buying is now done online, takes out a huge part of the experience.

- Matthew


We mostly do online shopping separate but for special occasions, we’ll go to an actual mall.

- Taylor

“When it comes to shopping I really like going to thrift stores to shop so I do most of that solo or with my brother. I don’t really like shopping with friends or a big group of people since I’m pretty fast when it comes to picking things out, so it's an in and out situation. Whenever I do shop online it's for things that I can’t get in the U.S or in California. For example, I might buy some clothes from Korea or might buy tools that they only make in midwest.”

- Elvis