How does Gen Z feel about military service?



I don’t necessarily have any strong feelings towards military service. I think those who decide to serve our country are very noble and brave. However, I do think we should work to make opportunities in the military equal for everyone wishing to participate in it. 


I grew up in San Diego which is a military town. Also, my brother and father were both in the Army. I have all the respect in the world for our military and feel as though we are not doing nearly enough to support our veterans. The amount of homeless vets I've seen growing up is astounding and there's simply no reason for that. 


As a profession, I think military service is highly respectable and admirable. For me personally, I never considered partaking in any kind of service partly because growing up I never knew anyone who had participated or who was planning to enlist, so I never knew enough about it to consider it an option for myself. It wasn't until I got to college that I met people who were enrolled in military school or part of an ROTC program, which gave me a better understanding and insight into why people chose this particular path for themselves. From my experience, I think that people who choose to partake in service today have a close connection or tie to military service in some way that motivates them personally to pursue this profession.