Do you and your friends talk about politics or pay attention to them?



For the most part, my friends and I don't usually talk about politics. Whenever we do end up talking about politics its usually whenever something makes head lines. For example, recently Trump was talking about a ban on the Transgender community participating in the U.S Military. When we heard about it we talked about it on a group chat and the conversation just went a little like "Trump sucks" and "He's terrible" that was about it.



My friends and I are always discussing politics. With the state of this nation, it's hard to ignore. We all constantly get CNN alerts, and frequently share screenshots of the craziest things going on. During election season, my school constantly had different panel discussions surrounding the hot topics, and we all attended together. On election night we all gathered in the Annenberg School of Communication building to watch the results come in, and talk about the events occurring while eating pizza. Equally there have been times where the political chats and constant twitter articles have gotten to be overwhelming and we have all taken a step back, but overall we always try to stay informed.