What do you think about the word "Legacy?" and what is your opinion about the word "Loyalty"?


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The first thing I think of when I hear legacy is the term that a lot of colleges use when they are talking about students whose relative went there previously.  The next thing I think of is Tron Legacy from 2010 with Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund.  

For loyalty I immediately think of loyalty programs that big corporations are known for.  Honestly, Costco was the first to come to mind. 


I would attribute the word "legacy" to someone I admire that has had an outstanding career. Someone's "legacy," to me, is their life work and how it effected the world around them. For example, I believe Britney Spears' legacy has shaped the world of pop as we know it. 

"Loyalty" isn't a word I use often. The world "loyalty" also has a very aggressive meaning when you grow up in New Jersey (watch any episode of Jersey Housewives for context). The word to me has changed so much as I've gotten older. When I was younger, I thought having a "loyal" friend was having someone think similar to the way I do and feel the same way about certain people. As I've gotten older, I understand that loyalty is someone who stands by you, no matter what and regardless of our differences in opinion.


When I hear the words "Legacy" and "Loyalty" in the same sentence my mind usually associates them with the relationship between a brand and it's consumers/employees. 

To me, brand legacies and the loyalty a consumer feels toward a brand is much harder to establish nowadays than it used to be. I think my parent's generation was more likely to feel a sense of loyalty towards not only brands that they bought from, but ones they worked for. My mom has only worked for two companies during her adult lifetime (30+ years). She was brought up on the idea that hard work and loyalty towards a company will be rewarding in the long run. Nowadays, this isn't always the case.

Additionally, young adults are less likely to establish such loyalties because life moves at a much faster pace. If companies aren't constantly evolving with their consumers/employees then people will leave them behind.


When I hear “legacy” a plethora of things come to mind. A legacy is something that is known amongst a group of people as a part of a tradition. In terms of family, a legacy could come from an older family member who did something outstanding that warrants respect and commemoration long after they are gone. In terms of community, a legacy could mean a person who did something impactful that forever changed the culture. In terms of a brand, a legacy could mean the way in which it has interacted with their consumer population for decades; how is it talked about amongst family members and what role does it play in our lives. 

Loyalty is a popular word. It’s a common term used in Twitter conversations. It was the name of Kendrick Lamar’s song feat. Rihanna. In courses at college institutions, a common topic of conversation is brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is getting more difficult to come by in my opinion. Demand on the consumer end is evolving so quickly that brands either have the option of keeping up or getting left behind. Trends are in and loyalty, for the most part, seems to be out.  While we do have the exception of companies such as Amazon, that provide everything, and Apple, that acts as an oligopoly, my peers rarely swear by one specific clothing, food or beauty brand.