Where do you see yourself in 10 years?



Hopefully on the road to owning my own entertainment event planning agency (award shows, fashion shows, launch parties, etc.). My favorite part of PR is event planning and sometimes it’s a small part, I would love to migrate to event planning full time in the future. I could see myself married but Gen Z/Young Millennial dating is so weird. Between dating apps, social media and the lack of personal connection it’s easy to see why this generation is the WORST at dating. Currently, at the age of 22, I’ve never had a serious relationship. I don’t necessarily see myself in NYC but I also can’t imagine myself anywhere else at this point. Right now, my second favorite city is Montreal, I could see myself living there if I were to leave NYC.  

Great question! I see myself at a job I love, in a house that I love, with a family that I love. Though that’s a pretty general statement, I’m going to use the cop-out that I’m in college so I still don’t know. I’ll keep you updated and when I find out you’ll be the first to know.


I generally don’t think that far ahead but I’d like to have an established career and hopefully settled down in some aspects of my life.