What worries you most about college?


Only sticking with people who are similar to me and not branching out to meet unique people.

**Cries tears of student loans.

In November of 2016 my school was ranked #8 in America’s Top 10 most expensive colleges. At this point I understand why tuition is so expensive but that does not negate the fact that I have yet to actually review my student loan bills. All I know is.. it’s going to be a lot. As I approach the last year of college, it’s imperative that I utilize every single resource that I am paying for. If you leave this college without having resources, a vast network and a full-time job lined up, well quite frankly you’ve done something terribly wrong. Well at least that’s what myself and so many others have said and been told. Aside from student loans and ROI, enjoying the last bit of childish foolery before springing straight into adulthood is something that I am worried about achieving. Senior year brings about the challenge for you to carefully balance work and play. But I think I’m up for the challenge.