What sports brand stands out the most to you and why? (Brand message, voice, social presence, what they stand for, etc)



So as of now, I think a brand that really grabs my attention is Nike. I know they are a giant in the sports brand industry but I feel like they are starting to pay attention to today's culture and keeping an eye out for the youth that is starting to make noise. The thing that is interesting about Nike is that they like to consider themselves a sports brand, which they are but they are also a staple in today's culture. I think they are doing that throughout their collaborations and pop up shops. They are paying attention to whats going on around them and always find a way to imply it to their brand.

I think Nike hands down stands out the most in terms of sports brands. Their Equality Campaign has been so impactful since its conception. As a brand, they challenge others both in and out of the sportswear industry to go beyond pushing a product and actually create a social voice that stays relevant and informed on today's climate. There is this unique culture around sports that cultivates a sense of unity that supersedes race, religion, class, and culture. Nike does a great job of using this culture to push their brand forward.