What do they think about cookies and sweets? What do they think about Christmas?



I like sweets but I prefer savory snacks. And Christmas is a great holiday and very nostalgic for me.

Sweets and cookies are great from time to time. I’m not much of a sweets person. I try not to keep many sweets in the house but will go out for dessert instead. If I buy sweets it’ll be ice cream most of the time but I never finish the pint and end up tossing it. Christmas is great. I celebrate traditionally and love purchasing presents for loved ones and spending time with them. I attend church on a semi-regular basis and definitely integrate that into my Christmas celebrations.


LOVE cookies. LOVE sweets. Anything that involves chocolate and sugar, I’m in.I love Christmas, growing up it was definitely my favorite holiday. We didn’t have a huge Christmas growing up, it was just me, my mom, dad and sister but now that me and my sister are older we have all of our friends over and some extended family. Last year I think we had almost 40 people over.