What are your thoughts on veganism? Are any of your friends vegan?



I think to each his/her own. I’ve gone on vegan diets before and it wasn’t terrible, I didn’t mind the food but I was always hungry. One of my friends is vegan and we’re going to her birthday dinner at a vegan restaurant this week which I’m excited about. I like eating vegan once in a while but I could never fully be one.


Actually, I used to be vegan for a while. For about six months I was vegan then decided to stop when I went to Paris. I think it makes you more conscious of what products you’re putting into your body.

I know several people who are vegan and I commend them. I think it’s a healthy and morally sound lifestyle. I don’t think I have any interest in ever going vegan. A lot of my friends have gone vegan after watching some horrible documentary about how poorly they treat animals or what goes into processing meat. Therefore, I avoid these documentaries. A lot of restaurants and grocery stores have evolved to accommodate vegans and I think that’s very important that we as a society continue to offer meal alternatives for those who are bold enough to live this lifestyle.