How do you feel about current actions at the EPA and in the oval office and congress to roll back environmental protections? Are you willing to get involved?


I think the environment is a very hot topic and something that is controversial in many ways. For one the question always rises, is it real or is it not, and the second question is can one person make an impact? I think this debate is what's causing controversy and is whats diverging people from a clear path as to whether or not it's important to place funds on the issue. In my opinion, I think its something we should be aware of and try our best to mend the situation but then again I should be more involved on the issue. I did not know that there was a pull on environmental protection, I think being more involved can help me gain more knowledge on the situation.

There are a plethora of things going on in our political climate that raise extreme concerns for me. This is in all aspects including environmental legislation. This past election was the first session where I was able to vote. This is true for many of the older Gen Zers. I believe this generation is stuck somewhere in between the middle of extreme activism and political fatigue. The media is oversaturated with actions taken by the current leadership and with 24/7 notifications coming to our mobile devices it can be overwhelming to show intense care and concern when there is so much turmoil. In short, though I too am concerned about these latest events but have not yet decided where my energy and involvement will be when it comes to environmental protection.