Does the cost and subsequent debt from going to college scare you or are you comfortable with it and put it down as a part of life?


I think the debt from going to college is definitely something I keep in the back of my head and think about it now and then, but I don't think I'm scared about it. I think my attitude towards the situation is more like ok I have this debt in my hands, what's the plan? What am I going to do in order for me to get out of the situation? I feel like if I panic or over think things I would probably end up in a situation that is worse for me. 

I think at this point I’ve become numb to the amount of debt that I will have post-graduation. But not in a pessimistic way. I know it’s just a part of life and I knew exactly what I was getting into when I signed up for college. Though I cannot speak as someone who has yet had to begin paying off student loans, being that I am one year from graduation I know that I will have to deal with that reality. However, if there is no risk there is no reward, and taking out student loans was definitely worth the risk. I am confident that the degree I am working towards will prove to pay off.

Fortunately from the time I was born my parents starting saving for a college fund.  When I turned 18 my dad and I had a talk about how much money was saved and what schools were in budget for me to graduate debt-free.  I found a school that met the requirements, had the major I wanted and worked so hard to get in.  Being aware of the budget I even finished a semester early to save on college expenses.  I'm so thankful that my parents were conscious of my college career from a young age because I graduated debt free, not a penny owed.  I hear how much my friends owe and it horrifies me, I couldn't imagine being in that situation. Most of my friends also went to schools double or triple the price of mine, it's all about being cost effective and knowing what is worth it down the line.