Do you want to own a car? If no, why not?


I think the idea of owning a car is kind of scary. You have to stick to that car for a very long time, and then if you want to sell the car after it's the hassle of selling the car! Do I have commitment issues? Maybe! I think I'd rather lease a car so that way I can change my car every 3 years or however long the lease is. 

Yes, I think it’s a part of the official “Adulting Starter Kit”. The kit includes your own apartment, your bills, your groceries and your own car. It gives you a certain level of freedom that you can’t get with an Uber or Lyft. I feel like even living in a city where a lot of people take public transportation, it’s still essential for late nights when you simply don’t feel like having a driver pick you up.

I actually went car shopping this weekend and I’m going again tonight. I currently still have the car I got when I was 17 and it is near the end of its life span. After graduating college and moving back home to the suburbs I realized that a car was essential but this process is completely foreign to me. I only live 6 miles outside of NYC in Jersey and I’m very comfortable living home for the next few years before I move to NYC full time so I will definitely need a car. Over the weekend I learned so much about financing, insurance rates, down payments, car value, etc. Hopefully this process has a happy ending soon.