Do you shop at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 more?


Forever 21 is what I prefer. I’m a college student, I like buying lots of clothes (this actually may be a serious problem). About a year ago, Twitter had this running joke about Urban Outfitters. There were a series of memes poking fun at the ridiculous prices the company would charge for the simplest items. For instance, one meme said, “#UrbanOutfittersBeLike Vintage lunch box $89.98” with a picture of a brown paper bag below. You should really look some up, they’re hilarious and very accurate. With that being said, Forever 21 is my go-to. But I’ll still go into Urban Outfitters every now and then.


Forever 21. Urban Outfitters had a moment when it was cool but recently I feel like it’s just trying too hard to be ironic and original. Also being a “hipster” is slowly becoming less of a trend


I shop at Urban Outfitters just because I think they align better with the trends/styles I follow.