What brands do you consider nostalgic?


The brands that bring up a sense of nostalgia have somewhat either been overtaken by larger modern brands or allude to my childhood.  Here are 10 brands that I thought of:

  1. Nickelodeon – From the orange VHS tapes to The Rugrats opening soundtrack
  2. Tamagotchi – The little device that occupied every 5th grader’s time before the iPhone came along
  3. Warheads – The OG sour then sweet candy
  4. Crayola – The tool for all my creative works
  5. Jansport – The backpack that everyone had to have
  6. Lisa Frank – All of my folders were solely Lisa Frank
  7. Folgers - Waking up to the smell of coffee
  8. AOL – Hearing that dial-up tone before connecting to the internet
  9. Neo Pets – Not being able to have a real pet so creating a virtual one
  10. Converse – The essential back-to-school shoe

Tamagatchi, Lip smackers, Capri Sun, Hit Clips, Claires, Hot Topic, Hollister, Baby Phat, Abercrombie, Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, Lunchables