Is sustainability and ethics in fashion important to you ?



Yes, I think sustainability and ethics are very important. Honestly, I think now more than every Gen Z appreciates any industry that practices corporate social responsibility. Even though I personally am removed from the fashion industry I follow and take note of where and who I am purchasing my clothing items from. 



I've never thought about putting fashion and sustainability together. It was just recently that I found out that the fashion industry is one of the industries that produce the most waste. That's when I started putting two and two together. It was so foreign to me that it almost felt as if the fashion industry has been keeping it a secret or hasn't really tried to make the effort of making fashion sustainable. It would be interesting to see brands try to blend the two things together and maybe that would push fashion forward. For me, fashion is important because I like to express myself through clothing and dressing nicely. I think it helps others have a better understanding of who I am as a person through the clothes I wear. Sustainability is also something that I take into consideration a lot because why not? Keeping the earth green and clean is the best way to be! Seriously... its October and we are still having 100 degree days in LA so..........



I don’t really think about where the clothes are made when I shop. However, I love when brands do awesome charitable activations, for example, H&M gives customers a 15% discount when customers donate their old clothes to their social good foundation and Cotton On has charity water and bracelets at checkout for donating to different regions that don’t have proper education.